Dr. Haroldo Magarinos, DDS, NMD

Doctor of Dental Medicine

Dr. Haroldo Magarinos is a Chilean dentist with specializations in periodontics, oral medicine and implantology. After over a decade of conventional practice, Dr. Magarinos decided to pursue his passion and become a naturopathic dentist, graduating in 2018 from the Naturopathic Doctor program at the American College of Integrative Medicine based in Saddlebrook, NJ. He is certified by the American Naturopathic Certification Commission and received an additional specialization in Integrative Biological Dental Medicine certified by the American Commission of Medicine and Integrative Dentistry.

Dr. Magarinos has long been a strong advocate for the study of the human microbiome, with a firm belief that treating patients with dysbiosis has the power to prevent and even reverse many prevalent forms of chronic disease. His interest in this integrative field started with his own personal explorations in optimizing vitality for himself and his friends and family, which has now grown to be a professional passion that he gladly shares with any patients who show an interest to learn more.

In his free time, Dr. Magarinos is an avid musician and professional DJ, playing and composing all genres of music, with a special interest in electronic music. He continues to pursue his medical education and loves living in beautiful Denver, Colorado.