Your mouth is
the gateway to
the rest of your body.

Oral health directly impacts systemic health.

Welcome to the BioDentist Healthcare Revolution

With world-class biological dentists and cutting-edge dental technology, BioDentist represents the leading edge of holistic, integrative oral vitality.

The BioDentist Way is refreshingly different. We understand and respect the intimate connection between your oral health and the rest of your body. We get to know you as an individual and work with you to create a treatment plan specific to your wellness goals. We don’t treat one tooth at a time, but always consider the greater whole that is you. We don’t take insurance. And we insist that all our patients take personal responsibility for their own health, oral and otherwise. If you’re ready to take your health seriously and demand a holistic, biological approach to dental care, give us a call and let’s talk about the amazing possibilities.

The BioDentist family is dedicated to helping you achieve health, happiness and holistic vitality. We look forward to meeting you.

To state the obvious: Dr. Augspurger is an excellent dentist with outstanding convictions and one-of-a-kind treatments.


Dr. John was so thoughtful in answering my dozens of questions and making me feel comfortable.


We learned more on this dental visit than on any other dental experience prior. Dr. John went above and beyond, answering questions with a wealth of knowledge.


The level of skills and integration of treatments at BioDentist is quite unusual and remarkably refined.


The dental hygienist was amazing and super informative. I would rate it as the BEST hygiene appointment I have experienced!!


The experience reminds me of being with family and close friends. You feel good emotionally and physically after your visit.